When Chemistry and Work Collide

This is probably one of the most talked about scenarios in the adult entertainment space. It really is the question on everyone’s lips…is it possible to fall for a client, or are these just whirlwind one-sided romances?


Well don’t I have a story or two for you. Buckle up, this is everything you have ever asked and more. 


I wish I was able to confidently say that feelings have never gotten in the way at work, and with 10 years of industry experience under my belt, that would be a decent track record- but I wouldn’t be telling the truth. 


I have found myself mixed up in several different scenarios in the past, some that I am not proud of and others that I wonder where my life would be without having met these people. I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason, and for whatever purpose these people have been put in front of me, it has either been a blessing or a lesson- some of which I am still trying to figure out.


Let’s take a trip down memory lane to my stripper/dancing days. Arguably these were some of my most treasured times in the industry, where I not only met some incredible women, but clients and patrons too. Now in case you’re not familiar with the rules of a strip club, we don’t have sex with our clients, and whilst some may take the occasional paid offering every now and then, I know far more scenarios where we (and I mean I) have been tempted away by pure lust and blatant horniness. Foul play, I know. 


A night that still holds place in my heart and I still remember like it was yesterday, one quiet weeknight in the strip club, I was up on stage, and I had a very attractive young guy sit down in the front row. Now, in strip club language, when someone sits this close, they tip- and we give them due attention. Whilst I can’t remember with certainty if a tip was passed; I can tell you there was a weird electric eye lock that to this day still gives me goosebumps. I remember being on my knees leaning over the stage and teasing with words- and whilst this would also be my job to “hustle” the clients, this one was fun. Alas the stage set was over, and I made my way to their table, sure enough, the hustle led to a private dance and that’s where things got interesting…numbers were swapped and then the adventure began outside of work. Several dates came about, followed by a last-minute sleepover and the rest was history- there was a real connection here. As time went on, my feelings grew stronger, but alas it was not meant to be, no one actually wanted to date a stripper and take her home to mum and dad, so it was swiftly cut short. It broke my heart. 


My stripper fling reached out to me 6 years later and whilst in hindsight I shouldn’t have given it another minute of my time, I couldn’t help but be drawn back into what once was, or at least could have been, only to allow myself to get hurt again. I do ask myself why I can’t learn from these situations, but I find myself a hopeless romantic above all else and I really do see the best in everyone’s intentions. 


Whilst I have been babbling on about lustful meetings in what is ultimately a bar setting, I cannot fail to disclose the time I fell HARD for an escort client. Hate to be the bearer of bad news here too, but I can’t say we are living the white picket fence called “happily ever after” either! 


This one was more of a gradual build, but goodness me was the sex good, and well the conversation flowed like no tomorrow. I found myself avoiding work just to hang out and it was just genuinely a fun time. He is a lovely person and I still hold a lot of respect for him to this day. I know he wants to settle down and have a family of his own and I really do hope he finds the love and the happiness he deserves.


There is something really special when meeting someone and there just being an instant chemistry. Lust at first sight? Maybe. It’s hard to explain, as in both scenarios my heart was certainly on the line. I do wonder if there was some kind of ego scoring going on in both cases, I will never truly know the answer.


 I do firmly believe that there is a novelty about “dating” an escort that many people want to experience, but then when things start to get real, the pressures of the job, the stigma and the brutal realities of what is involved come to light. I don’t blame people for backing away, it’s not a lifestyle for everyone, but it certainly can be colourful and wonderfully fulfilling if you just give it a go.