Clients In Public- Is It Weird?

The do’s and don’t of bumping into clients in public. I feel like this is a topic that is covered quite widely by many companions all over the globe, but it doesn’t hurt to cover it here too- especially as the question was submitted.


I personally have only ever seen clients at a distance, and I don’t believe they have seen me, much the opposite where I have seen them.


I have clients whose children attend the same school as my child and whilst we might drive past each other in the carpark every now and then there certainly isn’t anything too weird about it at all.


Whilst I was working, I was very fortunate to have a lovely client base that in most cases were seemingly genuine people and not total weirdos. There was always an exception to the rule, but I always safeguarded myself in those situations by not giving away too much about me, who I am, what I like etc in the first few meets. Those sorts of things were shared more as our relationship grew over time. I know if I did accidentally come face to face with a client that I did build a good relationship with over time that it would be more like bumping into an old friend rather than a “I had sex with you” thing.


I feel I was always well respected by my clients, and I felt they took a real liking to me as they could feel the genuine care and attentiveness, I gave them during our times together. This is something I am incredibly proud of and loved that I was able to be that much needed shoulder for many within my client base- and the sex was always a fun bonus!


I think my situation is different to a lot of others as I do live in a relatively small community, and whilst I did and still do occasionally venture into Sydney, I did also work close to home (but not at home) too. It is inevitable that I may see people one day and I try not to hold focus on the what if’s and apply the “cross that bridge” method if and when it was to happen, without too much anxiety.


I certainly don’t venture around town often with a full face of makeup and my hair done like I always did as Charlie. I channel a much more laidback life these days; messy hair thrown up, no makeup and my ringers trackies- if you don’t own any, you absolutely should! I like to think that all things considered that if anyone did happen to bump into me in the street they probably would need to look and think twice about if it was actually me. I like that- and that has been a purpose of mine for a while now to ensure that my privacy outside of Charlie remains solid and it keeps not only myself safe, but my family and home too.


I have almost been out of the industry for almost 12 months now. I think it’s safe to say that most people would know that I am no longer working anymore. The idea that any client would approach me for a date in public is wild to me- and something I highly doubt would happen.


Whilst the idea of revamping Charlie for a one last home tour is never far from my mind, I do have to consider how much work is involved with stepping away from this scene and the cons certainly outweigh the pros at this stage, no matter how much fun it could be!


Until the next…