Frequently Asked Questions

Up Close And Surprisingly Personal With Charlie

I wasn’t planning to return but life gets in the way and here we are. I don’t plan on sticking around for long though, so catch me if you can. 


Details can be found here

Ripe old age of 31…

5 foot 5 inches

I have been guilty of this in the past… read about it here

Short answer, no.

I do enjoy it, I seek connection these days so won’t play for the sake of playing.

When the connection is good I’ll want it often. 

No. Looks fade as we get older and ultimately I want to be with someone who I enjoy spending time with, not just to stare at. 

Others consistency and progress, I naturally want to be 10 steps ahead of where I currently am. 

If they are something I can answer in long form and I feel will be interesting to other readers, yes. 

Don’t send me anything vulgar as I won’t answer it. 

You can ask personal questions, but just be mindful of your language as this space will remain tasteful. 

I am currently all in with Wild Ruby and my general digital marketing company.


There is so much going on, but they’re both making great progress which I am so excited about. 

Highly Introverted. 

I am the person that plans to leave the party before I even get there. If I even go at all!

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

Each to their own.


Ambition is the most attractive trait to me, generally don’t see too much of it in that space. 

I deleted it.


I wasn’t enjoying being on the platform in that capacity and wasn’t something I wanted to commit more time to ongoing.