Meet Charlie

Meet Charlie James

Picton Escort

The best surprise you weren't expecting in 2024

Hi old friends! It has been a solid 12 months since I last actively worked and well, I want to dip my toes back in. 

Likely won’t stick around too long, so don’t hesitate on this chance!


Just like the good old days, I am offering an outcall only service. 


Invite me to your place and we can rumble in the sheets. 


If you can’t host, book a hotel. I won’t be facilitating any bookings on your behalf without an additional admin fee, so if you need somewhere to host, get organised ahead of time and schedule my time in advance. 


I will be servicing the following areas by request. 




Text or email only.
Deposits are generally required if we haven’t met before.


 I’m not going to skip off into the sunset with your money, I am a business woman that has a lot of respect in this industry, I’m certainly not risking it all for a few hundred.


Don’t call me uninvited and be a creep, I have no qualms telling you what I think of that rubbish. If our booking needs verification I will call you, likewise that I will also call you when I arrive to your place. 

I have a strict safe sex policy. Please do not ask for unprotected services.

Please note that all calls are automatically silenced, bookings must be in writing via text or email only. I will call you if required to confirm.


As I work all over the Wild West, Wollongong, The Southern Highlands & Goulburn by appointment, I could be anywhere! Pre booking is advised.

Charlie James Escort