Social Media- Is it just clout?

Let’s talk about social media and sex work. There are all sorts of variables that come into play here, but the question I received here was specifically asking whether most sex work social media was fake or for attention, so let’s dive right in.


I think it is important to remind everyone that all social media has negative elements, especially when it comes to content consumption. Most people are more likely to share the highlights of their life and the “good times” with their audience, rather than the negative and low points. Sex work is no different.


Sex work is a business. We are in the business of being booked based on how we look and how we present ourselves online. Sex work advertising has evolved so much over the years, the good old days where we could throw up a super basic ad with 1 picture and be booked out are gone. In what is a saturated market, with a lot of choice for clients, it is now more important than ever to stand out.


Social media is a free and organic way of giving clients and potential clients a glimpse into our lives as sex workers. It also gives an impression to clients of what to expect on a date, and what our personalities are like. We could almost call this a “pre-qualifier” that some clients like to use, so they know that they are investing in someone who they believe can form an intimate connection with.


Sex work is a brand, and when anyone enters the industry there is always a thought process of how they want to be perceived and viewed by clients. Some workers want to target more “high-end” clientele, the longer dates, the social aspect. Whilst other workers are happier with shorter booking experiences, less social interaction and more of a wham, bam, see you later. There really is a sex worker for everyone out there. One is no better than the other, and it is important to remember that we all do the same job at the end of the day. We all have sex for a living and just because one person charges $1000 per hour, and one charges $200 it is important to remember we are all here for the same reason- to make money in our business.


Social media is much the same, whilst there is no doubt that some of what you are seeing is real life experiences with clients, there could be an element within some that may not be exactly what it seems. You and I will never know, and at the end of the day, does it really matter if it attracts the types of clients that worker is targeting?

All in all, always take social media with a grain of salt, we are just businesses advertising a service within the limitation of what we can access. Enjoy the content and take what is useful and resonates to you and leave the rest without comment. I support anyone who’s out there giving it a red-hot go, content is content, and more power to them!