Working In the Adult Industry- Why it’s not for Everyone

Ahh the age-old question, why do people tend to fall into sex work? Well, the answer is never going to be straight cut, some are in the industry by sheer desperation, others are by choice, and of lately we have even seen a glamourisation of the industry too. We all our have our reasons, and whatever that maybe they’re all valid and there is a place for everyone.


But I will stress, this industry is not for everyone. There is a common misconception that the industry is easy money and that couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is, for me and a lot of workers is that this is one of the most mentally taxing jobs I have ever done. The money warrants the work that is involved tenfold.


I come from a background in corporate IT, finance and insurance predominately. Let me tell you, office culture is rife. It is something I will never walk back into again. The weird corporate hierarchy as well as ego driven ‘nobodies” makes me laugh to this very day. We see in the media about all the drama at parliament house and I think it is quite safe to say we see elements of that in every single corporate office building around the country. Hard pass.


Albeit the above sex work is its own league. Some days we have the most beautiful people that we get the pleasure of spending time with, but other days we play therapist, we hold people’s emotions firmly in our hands in arguably one of their most vulnerable states. There is great beauty in that, and when done well it can form beautiful human to human bonds. There are also the days where it is in and out so to speak and we can tell our clients are there for one thing. Not the most fulfilling, but still okay, it’s all part of the job.


Overall, I think it takes a special kind of person to be able to work in this industry. Imagine walking into a room and spending intimate time with a person you may have never met before, it’s not only the physical challenges that come with that, but the ability to hold conversation, hold space for comfort and enjoy yourself all at the same time, it’s not something everyone can just turn on like a light switch.


I have heard it from my clients, and it sounds like there are some people who are not suited to this work that are in this profession, and they have their reasons as they need to be or are- which are none of my business, but the feedback does vary significantly from the very good to the very not so good.


Our industry is one that is bashfully thrown around like it’s the easiest and most well-paid job going around. Whilst some days can absolutely feel like that- without showing you the utterly grim side of things, let me promise you that couldn’t be further from the truth!